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Shanghai Automobile Museum Automobile Museum is recruiting volunteers to society, to serve the public initiative. We hope that through the recruitment of volunteers for the majority of enthusiastic museums and social service volunteers provide a social value and personal value of the platform.

Specific conditions were as follows:

1.It has good moral and cultural quality, enthusiastic Automobile Museum welfare, willing to serve the community free of charge。

2.Agree to the terms "car museum volunteer service charter"

3.Interested parties can register an individual or on behalf of the organization

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer car museum, please read "car museum volunteer service charter" fill in "museum volunteer application form."

"Automobile Museum Volunteer Service Charter" to download

"Museum Volunteer Application Form" to download

Product collection

Old sewing machine, black and white television, radio cassette player, old photos...... These old objects that carry the precious memories of your life in my life can be a chance to get a seat in a museum. If you are interested, please browse the "search for the city memory" Shanghai Automobile Museum exhibits collection notices and the "Shanghai Automobile Museum exhibits collection management approach," and we contact.

"Shanghai Automotive Museum exhibits collection management approach" to download

"" Looking for memories of the city, "Shanghai Automotive Museum exhibits collection notice" to download